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About Me

Born November 1995 and growing up in rural Herefordshire, I've always been a man with an attachment to the great outdoors. In growing up, however, I found myself with an appreciation of science, being raised such that an inquisitive mind was cultivated. The combination of outdoor freedom with my innate curiousity led me to a fascination with outer space.
I found then an aptitude for science, especially maths and physics. On selecting a 4 year integrated Masters course at the University of Hertfordshire, I've never looked back. Upon finishing my MPhys, I was lucky enough to be able to continue my studies (highly specialised into ultracool dwarfs by now) into a PhD in Astronomy, split across the UK and Europe.
I've enjoyed the research and collaboration involved in my PhD. My adventures into programming & computer science (much to the delight of my more IT focused parents) led to finding my calling. I still remain a lover of: science (particularly astronomy), fresh air and the great outdoors balancing my more desk bound work.
With the PhD now finished in conjunction with the becoming of a full-time lecturer (and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy); I am looking for the next challenge and opportunity to grow.

Full colour of myself on a rock in the wind